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TheFUN® was designed to replace about 80% of the web for most users.

This is a PC Based Platform, but has mobile versions made for most mobile devices. TheFUN® Wireless™ will bring more online.
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This is our happy news site. RSS Feeds that bring smiles and awareness to join a free child abduction prevention system.

This is  I am the only person with legal rights granted by Amber's Mother & Mr. Bruce Seybert with legal records to offer this.
 It's Free To Every Child. Legal Documents filed in 2008 at: Wake Co. Courthouse, NCSOS and Wake County Reg. of Deeds.
*With CPPIDS built into TheFUN® and the 4 centers online, I estimate Sponsors and the NCN Team efforts
to end upto 70% of all future child abductions in the US within 5 years. If we don't make it to 70%, let's just keep working to get better.
It matters to every family as they are the same people you want to walk in your business.  You can remind them who you are as a Sponsor....TheFUN® Way.

Check it out yourself inside TheFUN® or Mobile... or Web. Everything can reach it on the web. 
"Official Sponsor Of TheFUN®" Partners ( Many) will help fund this and more as well as help build 4 CPPIDS Command Centers. Then hire and train former US Vets. to protect America again.
They will help families in registering your child into this network of backup to 911 services with our safety systems called the "GeS".  Built to help 911 Services when your preapproved vital data is needed NOW.
"GeS" Short for . It's free with every membership and even if you don't join, you can still use it. Partners have helped pay the way. 

TheGES also handles other backup systems... like this added in 2009: GeS "One Click Emergency Mode" Presidential Alert in real time. FEMA in real time and Weather in Realtime… all over the web.
And I am BETA testing a Tornado / Storm Early Warning System and Emergency Alerts... Just in case. It's always god to have a backup. That's CPPIDS Technology. (circa May 2012)
Once the Emergency Alert is active, you can click over to good news to save lives. Here we used TheWeatherChannel. Good People, Good Work.

We just sound the alarm and connect communities.

Core CPPIDS Center Software... Cool stuff... Ready to go.

Why have a backup? 2013 and 2018 /2019 all have the same US Government Shutdown... BUT!!!!
Because life happens...  The GES runs as a stand alone & backups to government systems. We are an NGO.
I am the lead GeS Trainer. I will operate as an NGO & hold current: FEMA 700.1b Certification.
I will train the rest to be a force to help you on your worst day.
Sponsors Of TheFUN® Empower us to help you.
Please shop their brands and shops when you see our decal on their doors.
Call me. I love questions: JMThrasher ("Michael") 919-771-9661
TheFUN® is Proof You Need A Backup On Your Home Team.

"Life Happens. Governments do shut down...Have A Backup"

TheFUN® Sponsors have your back before . . . you even walk in to order.

 ABOUT ME:   JMThrasher US Navy Ret. Vet. 1982-2002 (US Government Professionally Trained).

US Navy Command Senior DCTT/Firefighter/NCBR/FZ Sup./OOD/ADDO/AWS/EWS/HR Trainer. Shipboard LEO/UI Cord./Advanced Computers and Electronics.

(I was trained to code unix on IVCS Digital Combat Communication System, which later became what you know as... The Internet.  So I got this...)

Call me. I love questions: JMThrasher ("Michael") 919-771-9661

You have spend untold millions on every other old way to build your business before seeing this..."new FUN approach".

 Now you can do something good to give whole families a reason to walk in your door.

5 Year Sponsorship is not cheap, quality is never cheap, but this is free after a tax write-off for "simple digital ad space lease."

Call me. I love questions: JMThrasher ("Michael") 919-771-9661

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